Lightseek Sunrise & Sunset App

Get better photos. Improve your photography by knowing when the gorgeous light of sunrise and sunset happens for your location. Photography is all about good light.

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What is Lightseek app?

Lightseek Android application lets you know when the best light is for any type of outdoors photography. The best light for photography is found near the times of sunrise and sunset.

Lightseek Android application shows the sunrise and sunset times for your location. The moon phase is displayed graphically and also in text. Sunrise and sunset times are calculated using the coarse location of the phone. The location is fetched either from the carrier network or GPS.


The sunset and sunrise times are extremely useful for photographers who want the best light possible. To get good outdoors photos you should take the photos preferable close to sunset or sunrise. For example the very best landscape photos usually have been taken just after sunrise or just before sunset.

Golden hour

The reason photos often look bad in the midday sun is that the light has very sharp shadow edges and the light intensity makes the difference between shadows and light too big, so that the resulting photos have too much contrast. This doesn't look flattering for any subject.

The light before sunset and after sunrise is often referred as the Golden Hour. This term is used to describe the better quality light available during those non-midday hours.

The light during the golden hour has pleasant warm color, softer shadows and less contrast than the light during the middle of day, thus making it the ideal time for high quality photography.

Application details

  • Two versions available: Limited free version and full paid version.
  • Works with Android 2.2 and later.
  • Permissions needed: ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION. This permission is needed to know the approximate location of the phone. The location is used to calculate the sunset and sunrise times.
  • Conserves battery, rarely requests location.
  • How to get it?

    The Lightseek application is available for Android from Google Play:

    Download FULL version

    Available on Google Play

    Download FREE LITE version

    Available on Google Play

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